Open Track Days

Open Track Days are the perfect way to get on the raceway with no commitment! NO CAMS license, NO club membership, just your standard driver’s license needed! P Platers also welcome. The following sessions are available


POWER LAPS – This session is not speed restricted, allowing the more confident driver to test their vehicles limits!
* 3 x 10 min session
* Maximum of 5 cars per group
* Driver $100 for prior entry, or $115 on the day
* No passengers
* Helmet required


DRIVE LAPS – Perfect for those unfamiliar with the raceway, as there is still plenty of challenges to be had within the 120kph speed limit!
* 2 x 10 min sessions
* Maximum of 14 cars per group
* Driver $45 session for prior entry, or $60 on the day
* Passenger $20

Carports can be hired for $20 each for the day, and spectators are free.

Please call 9306 8022 to book!